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Ink and its story..

An original Ink Drawing by Francisco Bravo Cabrera aka Bodo Vespaciano

What truly amazes me when I look at Francisco’s drawings are the compositions and the stories he tells. This drawing is one example of such.

Top left is the first story. A newly wed couple starting a new chapter in their lives. Top right is where a dance student is learning her moves with her dance instructor watching her every move. In the middle is where we find the story of two brothers playing their gypsy songs with a curious beginner trying to be noticed by them. Only then maybe he can show what magic he can create with his unusual instrument. And to the bottom right is “The Audience” watching each story develop.

I welcome your interpretations and wish you a fantastic rest of the week.

To see more of Francisco’s art follow me on Instagram @guloshka


3 responses to “Ink and its story..”

  1. This is a beautiful piece with so much symbolism and movement. Thank you for telling us the meaning of this piece. Art is such a personal thing. There is always so much detail in all of Francisco’s work. Hope you had a great Valentines Day. Sending big hugs and love to you. ❤️🤗🦋

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  2. Your talent is never ending Francesc.


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